I‘ve been a writer since 2011 and has wrote a few novels and short stories over the past years. I was not able to make a lot because school is eating up too much of my time so, yeah.


Here’s the link of some of the stories I wrote. It’s posted in Wattpad app, so reading them will be free! Yay! More stories to come, I hope.


  1. Prince of the Vampires

Prince of the Vampires

Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Drama, Action

This is one of my most successful stories of all time, which I am thankful for. POTV also has an english version and a graphic novel which was produced by Manggo Entertainment!



2. Pleasure and Fantasies

Pleasure and Fantasies

Genre: General Fiction, Comedy, Romance, Drama

Now, this one is the most challenging story I’ve ever written as it is provocative for me and it was my first time trying out this genre so I was glad that many readers liked it so far.



3. Straight Ahead

PAF II: Straight Ahead

Genre: Romance, Comedy

Straight Ahead is the second book of Pleasure and Fantasies, but this is the side story of the other characters. This is absolutely hilarious as well, because I couldn’t write a novel without adding a bit of humor in it. Heh!



4. The Daughter’s Revenge

The Daughter's Revenge

Genre: Drama

Honestly, when I did a re-reading of this novel, I was surprised with how dark it became. I think I wrote this back in 2013-2014, can’t really remember. Hehe!


Just click the links to be able to access each story. Thanks! 🙂