Hire Me

Most of you probably do not know, but I do offer some of my services for a living. I thought that if I really wanted to go to Korea after my graduation (which is in two years’ time), I should try to earn money at least.

Thankfully, I’ve been earning a few bucks. So, I’ll be leaving this here as well so you’ll be able to hire my services.


Writing Services

Article type: academic/non-academic essay, articles for blogs, simple research, movie/book/product review, letters

I will definitely write you a five hundred words essay or article on any topic, which will be guaranteed to be delivered to you within 1 day or less, depending on the topic. (There are cases that I can deliver it within a few hours.)

It will be submitted to you in a MS word document with decent formatting.

For interested clients, please send me a message containing the following:
1. The topic of your desired essay.
2. Your preferred number of words (P199 per 1-499 words)
3. Additional image (if there’s any)
4. Special instruction (font size, font style and specific file name)

You can avail this service from any day. Send me a message so we can talk about your project.



Proofreading Services

It’s easy to let the words flow from your head, but proofreading a different story. A proofreader will help you improve your work especially when you don’t have enough time to do that.

Here’s what I’ll do if you order this job.
*** I’ll fix your mistake/s. Either it is inappropriate use of apostrophe or punctuation marks, incorrect phrase, wrong sentence structure or replacing redundant words.
**** I’ll give you some tips as well, so you can do better next time.

For the price of P199, five (5) articles of yours will improve grammatically!

– This is deliverable for 24 hours or less.
– Every article should be 1000-1500 words only. (Negotiable)

You can contact me should you have any inquiries in mind.

Thank you!