Review: Cheese in the Trap


cheese poster.jpg

Annyeong, chingus! I feel bad because I rarely update my blog lately, unlike before. Workloads had piled up and they’re my priority so I have to give more time to that. Not to mention that I also watch tons of on-going k-dramas so I really don’t have that much time. Hehe.

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My Most Wanted K-Dramas of 2015



Annyeong haseyo! My blog has just started back in 2016. Although I have not yet written a lot of posts, I will have to catch up on the latest dramas of the year so I’m putting my 2015 favorites in a single post instead of writing a review for each one individually. Continue reading

Reasons Why You Should Visit Korea

Travelling is one of the grandest dreams of everyone. Some people plan to visit New York, Italy, Japan, and etcetera. There are a lot of countries to choose from and it’s so hard to decide which one to go first! So as one of my recommendation, I listed a few reasons why you should visit Korea.


Some of you already know that I do dream of Seoul-searching in Korea as well. (I know, I’m biased. Lol!) But trust me; there are a lot of reasons why you should go for it as well.

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