Althea Korea: January Haul


안녕하세요 친구~~

My korean skincare items has ran out and I needed to restock, so I decided to use my christmas “aguinaldo” or what we call papasko to buy my favorite items from Althea Korea.

Trust me when I say that I didn’t ask for any aguinaldo! My relatives gave me some moolah on their own initiative! Swear!

The post is entitled as January Haul, because I bought this on the last week of January. I ordered on a Friday, and the parcel came to me on the next Friday. Yep, it was really fast!

So, this is just a short post because I didn’t really got anything else aside from five items that I badly needed without a doubt. But to make it a bit longer, I’ll include a short reviews for each one of them so I won’t have to make a separate post for each of them. There are more reviews coming from me!

For this haul, I got five items:



1. Etude House Baking Powder Cleansing Tissue

I was supposed to buy the one from Innisfree, but it was out of stock when I was ready to buy. This one from Etude House is very cute! I love the packaging, the design and everything.


But, I don’t like the way it make me feel. After using a single tissue to cleanse my face, there is a greasy feel — which is a no-no for an oily skin like mine. Also, it stings even though I don’t have an active pimple!


2. Althea Petal Velvet Powder

Guys, I found a new lifesaver in this product! Compared to the other loose powder that I use, this one controls my sebum longer!


Also, I love the packaging because it is wrapped in a mini Althea box and the powder itself smells really good!


3. Onsaemeein Yogurt Peeling Gel

This is a must-have in my stash, and I committed myself with this product because this is really effective.

Read my full review here.


4. Tony Moly Delight Tony Tint

I definitely love this tint and I was sad when I couldn’t order it on my last Althea haul — it was out of stock during that time. But it is a good thing that I was finally able to buy a new one!

It blends well with my other lippie, and it is pretty good to use on its own too! Perfect shade for me!


5. Holika Holika Dessert Time Lipbalm

Honestly, I bought this because of its super cute packaging! It looks like a small cupcake with a little heart on top! How can I not buy it?


The lipbalm itself has this glossy effect, which is definitely not suitable to apply before using lipstick. I usually use my other lipbalm prior to my lipstick, but this one isn’t for that.

Instead, I just use it before going to bed and after taking a bath (when I’m not going out of the house.) Still, I’m still happy that I bought this because there’s a fruity taste and smell to it! Pretty sure my sister uses this whenever I’m not at home, cause she likes it too!


And there you have it! I know, I should’ve gotten a few more items, but my budget is limited because I haven’t got my salary yet.

Anyway, I rewarded myself this February and got myself another box! I’m pretty excited with the next one because I just bought the most expensive skincare product that I will own. So tune in, alright?

Can’t wait to share my next story with you!



8 thoughts on “Althea Korea: January Haul

    • Hi, Karla! I included the link to Althea Korea on the first paragraph of this blog post. If use create an account and buy through the same link, you’ll get an instant discount!

      Thanks for dropping by! 💕


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