15-Day Challenge with Belo Intensive Whitening Bar


Annyeong, chingus!

First of all, I would like to apologize as I haven’t been able to update my blog over the past months. Life has been quite hard and a lot of things had happened.

The one thing that keeps me busy recently is my internship. Yes, I’ve been having my on-the-job training at a government agency which has been controversial as always. I’m pretty sure you guys already know what it is! Ha! Plus, I’ve been using my free time to watch a Korean variety show — Running Man! Yay! I love Monday Couple so much that I’d give up my lovelife for them to be together! Well, Gary oppa is married now so no need to put my romance at risk. Haha!

So, anyway, my latest post for today is about a soap that I’ve been dying to try for quite some time.

Ta-da! It’s a Belo Intensive Whitening Bar. Kojic + Tranexamic Acid.

We all know that Kojic is one of the most popular beauty bars that many women use. Actually, my Mom’s using Kojic soap from a different brand — the one with the Japanese lady on the box. And let me tell you, she had a fairer skin and a slightly acne-prone face. I also used it secretly, by using it on my bacne (back acne, it’s in our family’s genes, can’t help) and it flattened out! However, I didn’t want to use it on my face because my skin is super sensitive, it only stays calm with Dove.

Sadly, I can’t keep using it because my mom would kill me if she knew I’ve been using her soap so I bought myself a different one, just so I could deny using hers in case she suspects me. Lol, kidding! I just wanted to see if Kojic is really effective no matter what brand I use.

On the other hand, Tranexamic Acid is also a powerful tool for whitening, based on what I’ve read on the internet.

Also, Belo has a really good impression to me. Can you see the celebs with beautiful skin? Since I can’t afford the treatments these stars use, I simply resorted to using a soap from Belo.

The soap claims that it can inhibit the production of melanin and that it is effective in lightening stubborn dark spots — which I have. I am so desperate that I would use whatever soap that says ‘whitening‘ on its label.

I bought this from Watsons for like 40 – 60 pesos, I really can’t remember, sorry! Since it was not a small amount, I decided to cut the soap into pieces para tipid!

I am dying to see the results right away so I made sure to take a shower two times a day and let it sit on my skin for 2 to 3 mins.

After getting out of shower, I felt squeaky clean! I’m not sure how it was possible but I really did feel soooo clean as if the soap scrubbed away the deepest, oldest libag in my body that even pumice stone couldn’t get rid of!

Sure, there was a scent but it wasn’t too powerful, and it didn’t cause my skin a stinging feeling.

Unfortunately, aside from the clean feeling, it didn’t make my skin lighter even when I already left it on my skin for a good five minutes. Also, the foams of the soap doesn’t stay on the skin like the other soaps. It slips on your skin right away, which made the letting-it-sit-on-your-skin part harder than usual.

Also, I didn’t bother to take pictures because there wasn’t any affect at all. Boo hoo!


: 5/5

Skin Whitening Effect
: No, sorry! 2/5

Is it worth the price
? Maybe. 3/5

Will I repurchase
? No. I believe Belo is a wonderful skin care company but it just didn’t work for me, even in the slightest.

I’m not sure if it is not really effective or if it just didn’t work on me. We have different skin types so you can also give it try if you are still interested with its abilities.

And that’s it for my review! Do you have soap in mind that you’d like me to try? Leave your thoughts on my comment box!

See you again,


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