UNBOXING: Althea’s Dis-a-Pore Box


Annyeong, chingus!

How have you been? It feels like it had been ten years since the last time I posted here in my blog. LOL! I’ve been quite busy with my studies, and not to mention that I finally got myself a stable job! Yipee! But, I’ll share that with you guys some other time.

For now, let me share with you the latest box I got from Althea Korea—my favorite online store for K-beauty finds!

By the way, I’ve got two boxes before I got this one which I haven’t wrote a review yet, but don’t you worry since I’ll be catching up on my late posts really soon!

Alright, so, if you have read a few posts on my blog, you probably remember my post about Althea’s Trendy Boxes. I’ve discussed the reasons why it is a must buy and that you should add it to your bag right away.

Just a quick recap about my previous post, it is a combination of skincare or cosmetics which is specially curated for a specific theme. Again, it’s much cheaper rather than buying the items individually.

Each box is a limited edition and no one knows if it will ever restock or not. Most of their boxes don’t restock, since they are working out on a new box after the release of each one.

Well, I am one of the lucky Altheans who got a hold of one of the latest boxes named Dis-a-Pore Box. This is a specially curated box which will make your enlarged pores Dis-a-Pore!!

I was really excited when I learned that I was able to have one as I have never scored out on the previous boxes that they had. Plus, since this is for pores, I thought that this might help me with my pore-blems.

Here’s a fact: I never liked good quality front cams. Well, my pores are too visible whenever I’m trying to take a selfie which makes me change my mind instead. It’s embarrassing, isn’t it? 😦

Back to the story, the box arrived in less than a week. There was a Doora name indicated on the invoice, so I thought it was their new courier. I haven’t got the chance to check their tracking site so forgive me if I can’t provide a feedback on that.

The box got delivered right on my doorstep since my Dad was not around that day. The delivery guy always gives my parcels to my father since he knew someone from the courier and at the local post office as well. So, it was the first time the parcel was directly given to me.

As soon as I got a hold of it, I immediately took photos of it while it’s fresh. Haha!

I was surprised as there was a design on their pink wrapper, and suddenly remembered that their birthday is coming soon! OMG!


Even the logo got a party hat on it! Honestly, I’m more excited for their birthday rather than mine. LOL. I think their birthday is on June or July?

So, without further ado, let’s head on to the exciting part: the unboxing!

This is the second box I received that had the original design on it. Even though I liked the themed boxes, nothing beats the classic!


Tadaaaah! Here’s the picture of my box when I opened it. The products were combined in a single bubble wrap, while the mask was put underneath. Personally, I think it was much better than constantly including wraps for each product. Aside from it is expensive; it is also a great gesture to help our nature as plastics are non-bio. Good job, Althea!


My box contains six skincare items:

  1. Torriden: Banchic Spa Pads (10 sheets per box)
  2. Caolion: Premium Pore White Cake Pack
  3. Etude House: Fix and Fix Pore Primer
  4. Innisfree: No Sebum X Emoji Mineral Powder
  5. Torriden: Banchic Oil Control Powder Mist
  6. Mi by K: Tu Mask Pack

Two of these brands (Torriden and Caolion) are really foreign from me, which makes me even more excited to try them out. On the contrary, I am already trying out one of the products as I am typing these. Heehee!


And of course, I’ll give you an impression about each item included in Althea Dis-a-Pore Box to further convince yourself to get this box immediately!

  1. Torriden: Banchic Spa Pads (10 sheets per box)


I’m not familiar with the brand, but I heard it’s pretty popular.

As I am typing this blog post, I am trying out the spa pad, and trust me when I say that it’s a bad idea to do this while I’m in my room.

Lesson learned: Never use this when you’re not inside the bathroom as things will get messy! You’re supposed to wipe the black side on your face before rubbing it with the rough part on the opposite side. The packaging said that it’s made of charcoal, maybe that’s why it’s black. I wonder what it feels like to scrub your face with the actual charcoal. Haha!

I’m not sure how long I should keep rubbing my face with this spa pad, but I firmly advise you to use this inside the bathroom, after you take a bath maybe? Trust me on this one!

When I cleansed my face, it was smooth which made me think that there’s probably some residue on my face but there wasn’t. Plus, my face doesn’t seem to have bad reaction on it so, yay!

  1. Caolion: Premium Pore White Cake Pack


At first, I thought it was a foundation. Haha! Because, there was a “cake” word on it, and I usually see that word on foundations, so excuse me for my ignorance. LOL! Turns out, it’s a mask pack that you’ll let sit on your face for a few minutes before rinsing with lukewarm water.

As for the brand, the name is also unfamiliar to me, maybe because I lack research. But its name is pretty close to Kaolin, which is a good skincare ingredient especially when you do have an oily skin and terrible pore-blems.

Will let you know my thoughts about this!

  1. Etude House: Fix and Fix Pore Primer


Two facts: I have never used a primer in my entire life. I have never bought an item from Etude House since the last nineteen years of my existence.

I’m not too girly which is why I don’t put too much makeup or anything on my face, told ‘ya I’m a late bloomer. I just go by cleanser – moisturizer – powder routine. But, I added this on my morning routine after putting moisturizer, and I just made the best decision ever.

My powder stayed longer than usual! Take note, it’s just a powder. You know, the one from Innisfree.

  1. Innisfree: No Sebum X Emoji Mineral Powder


Innisfree’s Mineral powder is one of my favorites, which is why I was truly glad that this was included in the set as I was running out of powder. Plus, the design is so cute! I mean, I love the mint green original version, but I also love the emoji design! So trendy.

  1. Torriden: Banchic Oil Control Powder Mist


As I had seen in Althea’s site, it’s like a liquid that has a same purpose as oil blotting sheets. The only difference is that, this product is used by spraying it on your face. Haven’t tried it yet, but will share my thoughts with you!

  1. Mi by K: Tu Mask Pack


Okay, I thought it was a simple mask but it isn’t. The first one is used on your T-zone, while the second is for the U-zone. I guess that’s the reason why this is called Tu Mask Pack. It’s a pretty cool idea, and unique since most masks only come in single item.

I’m really happy that I got the chance to have one of Althea’s limited edition Trendy boxes. I do hope these products will work well on my stubborn face. LOL! Anyway, wait for my next post as I’ll be giving my reviews about the two boxes I bought before this one since I need more time to try everything out.

Last time I checked, it’s still available, so hurry and buy one before it runs out! You can purchase it here. Also, you may want to use my link to get additional discounts. 🙂

By the way, has any of you seen the latest Korean dramas lately? Heol, I still can’t get over with Strong Woman Do Bong Soon! I’m catching up with Uncontrollably Fond as of the moment. (I’ll make reviews bout that, too!)

How about you? Share your thoughts with me!

From the girl who was never too brave,



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