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Annyeong, chingus! I feel bad because I rarely update my blog lately, unlike before. Workloads had piled up and they’re my priority so I have to give more time to that. Not to mention that I also watch tons of on-going k-dramas so I really don’t have that much time. Hehe.

Anyway, though I promised to give you a skincare review this week, I’ll have to postpone them for this one instead. But don’t worry, after my exams are over, I’ll make them right away.

So for today’s review, I’m giving you my insights about 2016 korean drama: Cheese in the Trap. Here are the details of the series:


Drama depicts the delicate relationship between female university student Hong Seol (Kim Go-Eun) and her senior Yoo Jung (Park Hae-Jin). Hong-Seol works part-time due to her family’s poor background. Yoo Jung is a good looking, gets good grades, athletic and has a kind personality, but he has a dark side.

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Before I started watching this, I’ve seen a lot of negative comments about its ending. People say its unsatisfying for them, but I disregarded it because I’d still like to watch my Lee Sung Kyung, Nam Joo Hyuk, Kim Go Eun and Park Hae Jin.

The first episode was explained well. Some kdramas are seen struggling to create a striking first episode. Honestly, there are a few dramas that I didn’t watch because it was too boring up to the following episodes. However, Cheese in the Trap was realistic to me, maybe that’s why I enjoyed watching it and craved for more.

For this drama, I’m going to give you my opinion about the characters. Let’s start with the characters I hated the most.




Son Min Soo & Oh Young Gon

Min Soo annoyed me too much ever since she was assigned to Hong Seol’s group. I hated the fact that she doesn’t even try to make an effort in doing a simple research as to where to find certain topics. I mean, hello, there’s internet in your school! You are paying for that! Typing a few words on keyboard won’t kill you, duh.


In her desire to be friends with Seol, I think she was too much. She made a wrong approach, although her intention was good. She could have started by making simple gestures to Seol. To me, she looked like someone who’s immature. She went overboard by having the same hairstyle and fashion sense as Seol, not to mention when she claimed that the lion doll was hers.

However, I did understand her a bit. She wanted to make friends, and the only way she could see was through Seol.

Oh Young Gon is a worse case than Son Min Soo. He is a punk who’s truly pathetic. I honestly think he’s a psychopath. Seriously, who in their right mind would follow a woman everywhere and take pictures of her? Stalkers are too creepy.

Young Gon was too full of himself. His confidence was too high, maybe because of his physical appearance. He also couldn’t accept loss, that’s why he kept on pursuing Seol. Why can’t he see that Seol doesn’t like him?

I don’t think I’d want to see him again in a different kdrama. Just kidding!




Sang Cheol & Da Young

Next is, Sang Cheol who is usually called Sumbae. For me, this person is a leech. How could he turn to his juniors and ask for their personal properties and notes? Thick-faced. Although he’s a big guy, he doesn’t even strive hard to have a better life. Instead of whining and drinking while “waiting for a job”, he should’ve applied in a factory, a construction site or somewhere he can make use of his size. He shouldn’t have used his “personal issues” as an excuse or a hindrance that prevents him from being productive.


Phew! Now that we’re done with the characters I really hated, here are the ones that I loved.




Bo Ra & Eun Taek

I saw Nam Joo Hyuk first in Scarlet Heart Ryeo, then in Weighlifting Fairy. When I read that he’s in this drama, I got more stoked to watch this because he’s a total cutie and he proved that in this kdrama.

I loved his character in here because he was a protective friend to Hong Seol. I’ve always wanted to have a friend like him but I’m just not one of the boys.

On the other hand, his female counterpart was also pretty good. I loved how she talked back and defended Seol whenever Da Young and her friends mouthed off her friend. Also, she was the one who said no when she knew that Hong Seol can’t do so to someone.




Baek In Ha

At first, I can’t see the character of In Ha through Sung Kyung. Maybe it’s because I saw Weightlifting Fairy first before this one, and I thought she also had a boyish personality in this drama.

However, this baby girl proved me wrong. Her character here was way too different than in WFKBJ. Although her character, Baek In Ha, did a lot of crazy things, I still loved her. I believer In Ha is just in need of affection and attention, which she covers by splurging or shopping.




Baek In Ho

This is my first time seeing him on a drama, and I can totally agree that he’s good-looking! Plus, his piano skill is really fine which adds up to why I loved him.

In this drama, I think he’s the one who has sacrificed a lot of things — his family, his friends, his dream, and also Hong Seol. I’ve seen how painful it was to long for something that you once lost. I personally think that he got the best ending in this drama. I’ve seen genuine happiness in his face, and I think that’s something priceless.




Hong Seol


Hong Seol is your typical student. She’s someone who strives hard for herself and to earn the recognition of her family. I can relate to her, because of the struggles she experience at school – that terrible group projects! I hated it when group activities are created in a class because people try to be a freeloader. Even though they’ll tell you that they will help, you’ll end up doing things for them. Ugh. I hate that kind of people.

Kim Go Eun truly knows how to play an “awkward scene”, even in Goblin. I loved her character in here as much as I did in Dokkaebi.




Yoo Jung

Yoo Jung is the one whom I can relate to the most.

Sometimes, people only go to me whenever they need a favor from me. Notes, answers and favors. But when they don’t need anything, they pass by me like I’m invisible. That is a terrible feeling, but I just disregard them.

Also, people only see what they wanted to see. It’s like, you are forced to smile and tell them that it’s okay, when it actually isn’t. Our true feelings are kept inside, while we show them otherwise.

We hide what we truly are, because we know they won’t accept us if they knew the truth.


The ending did not disappoint me at all. Personally, I think it ended well by having Yoo Jung and Seol broke up.


Yoo Jung needed some time for himself to figure out what he really wants the people to know him for. And as for Seol, the time she spent while they are apart was a good opportunity to strive harder in life and be successful. I believe they’ll be back together once the time is right, which probably explains why the director made it an open ending.



All in all, this is a great drama cause it’s realistic and a lot of people can easily relate to it. Also, all the actors were pretty good because I hated and loved them all. I really wish to see more of them.



By the way, have you heard that Park Hae Jin will act as Yoo Jung in Cheese in the Trap movie? Too bad the characters were changed.


Thanks for reading my review!



5 thoughts on “Review: Cheese in the Trap

  1. I was just too focused on the lead characters that I forgot about the other characters’ part in the drama haha i love the story of this drama too


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