Althea Haul: CNY Unboxing


Annyeong! How are you guys doing lately? There are a lot of new K-Dramas out there, and I’m having a hard time choosing one so maybe I’ll just watch them even if they are all on-going. Haha!


By the way, if you’ve read my post about my last skincare review about my first Althea haul, you probably remember that I said I’ll post my second Althea haul soon enough, right? And, this is it! Yipee! It’s the CNY box from Althea Korea. I’m really happy to get one because the box is really gorgeous! I want to meet whoever makes the designs for each Althea box and give that person a big hug!

I’ve posted the box in my Instagram account last week, but I didn’t really show anyone what it contains. Of course, my blog gets the most up-to-date news! Hehe, so if you’d like to be the first one to know everything about my Althea posts, please do click the follow button! :


Back to the story, I’ve made an order last January 19, 2017. It was actually rushed because I want to get their free hanbok diffuser. Well, girls, it’s limited edition and they only got a few stocks so my fingers need to be extra quick this time. But then, I couldn’t pay on the same day because my bank account’s transfer funds option is disabled. So I had to run to my bank and activate the transfer funds option and pay for my Althea box as fast as I could!


Thank the heavens because I was successful on paying! Yay! Good thing DragonPay validated my payment as soon as possible. Althea received my payment according to their email, and then shipped my order on Monday (January 23, 2017). They gave me a tracking number from RINCOS but I wasn’t really reliable. I haven’t received any update about my shipment aside from “handed over to partner”. I reached out to Althea’s customer service, hoping they could help me determine which partner was my box turned over to, but they said it wasn’t possible.


So I had no choice, but to wait. I was worried because RINCOS hasn’t given me any update, but according to a fellow Althean, there’s nothing to worry about because RINCOS is much better than the old couriers of Althea.


And then, the good news came to me last January 30! My Dad brought my Althea box at home! He knows someone from the LBC branch so my box was handed over to him.

As soon as I received it, I did a little photoshoot and a quick unboxing. But no videos, of course. Hehe. I don’t have a YouTube account anyway.


Here’s the picture of my CNY Althea box! Tadaaa! Yeppeuda! Red is actually my favorite color, and I’m really glad that I got a box with my favorite on it! Not to mention that the design is really stunning! Seriously, who is this person who makes such wonderful design? WHO IS IT, ALTHEA? TELL MEEEE!



Now, here’s my Althea box! Seriously, this combination of Red and Gold is appealing to my eyes! I don’t think I can throw this like my first Althea box. I’m planning to recycle it because I don’t have the heart to leave them in our garbage can.



I was greeted by an Althea angpao which contains a surprise gift certificate! Personally, I think the envelope looks like the big one which was used in historical dramas – which is why I like it! I think it would be awesome if Althea Korea also sends us something from Korea, like a souvenir or maybe a post card. You see, I have this dream of travelling to Korea after I graduate so I’d appreciate Korea stuffs.




Anyway, these are the items that I got for this CNY Althea Haul:


  1. It’s My Eyelash Curler (Comb)
  2. Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask (I’m using this one right now as I’m typing this blog post!)
  3. Nature Republic Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel
  4. Angelfactory All in One Peeling Pad
  5. Calmia Silky Perfect Foot Peeling Pad
  6. Pure Choosy Lip Pack (Honey Variant)
  7. Medi Heally Herb Warm Pack
  8. Everyday Bouncy Facial Mask
  9. Tony Moly Panda Dream Eye Patch
  10. Hanbok Diffuser (Freebie!)


The total cost of my Althea haul is less than 2000, but I used my shopping credits from being the Althea Philippines’ December Fan of the Month and I used my coupon code so I only paid a total of P339.60 for all of these. Yes, you’ve read that right.



The bad thing is, I forgot to get a Skinfood Black Sugar Mask and few mask sheets as well. Huhu. But then, I’ll be making another purchase anytime soon so I guess that’s okay. I’ll make sure to get everything I need next time. Anyway, I’ll be writing a review for each item so make sure to keep yourself updated, alright? 🙂


Althea Korea has a lot of contests, giveaways and promo discounts every now and then, so you’d better stay tuned by hitting like to their facebook page and follow their Instagram. Also, you can go to their blog and check it once in a while for helpful posts!


Also, if you want additional P350 discount for your purchase in Althea, you can use my daebak link and register for an account in their site.


Thanks for reading, chingu!




12 thoughts on “Althea Haul: CNY Unboxing

  1. I placed an order at Althea last Feb 1st. I still don’t have updates until now 😦 kinda getting worried because my last transaction with them was smooth. Huhuhu. I hope it’s just because of the holiday. Lol. Anyway, great haul! And 10 items for 300php? Lucky you! Hahaha 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • I suppose your shipment was sent through RINCOS as well? Lol. We can’t do anything about it since that’s how the courier is. Too bad we can’t complain, it’s hard to communicate in Korean. Lol. Thank you! You should be an active liker and commentator in their facebook page if you’d like to be the fan of the month as well. 🙂

      Thank you for dropping by! ♥

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