Althea Beauty Box: Is it Worth Buying?

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Photo courtesy: Althea Korea

Annyeong, chinggus! I’m really used to greeting my very few readers in Korean language, so I’m gonna keep doing this from now on.


Now, because of all the posts I’ve written about Althea Korea, I’m pretty sure you now know a lot about them. Aside from their promos, discounts and wide variety of products, there’s still one thing that I haven’t talked about here in my blog and that is their Beauty Box.

If you’re a newbie when it comes to skincare (like me) or if you’re new to Korean products, it might be a little overwhelming for you because of the many items to choose from. Good thing there’s a review section for each and every item posted on Althea’s site. It’s for the customers to know if a certain product works for a specific skin type or not.


But then, sometimes, these reviews aren’t enough to make up your mind on what to buy from their store. I believe that’s the reason why Althea Korea made their Beauty boxes. It’s for those who want to save more money and purchase the must-haves for every specific theme.


Althea’s Beauty Box is a combination of products specially curated by Althea’s fairies.

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Photo courtesy: Althea Korea

Honestly, I haven’t had the chance to get a Beauty box from them because it was always sold out in a blink of an eye. It only takes a few hours for their special boxes to get out of stock. Actually, I’ve been eyeing the Pore Care Box for a long time but it was still out of stock so I just placed a different order instead. Huhu. 😦


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Photo courtesy: Althea Korea

It can be compared to subscription boxes that can be bought from other stores. But no, it isn’t actually a subscription box. Customers have the option to get a special box or not. It’s just a matter of our preference.


Their special boxes are selling like hot cakes! But what’s the reason behind it? I’ve listed the reasons why for better understanding.


  1. Its Function

Every special box has a specific function. Some are designed to target body care, skin care and even full-blown make-up. Not to mention that there is one for guys, too!

You’ll see the list of the different Althea Beauty Boxes that I made together with the prices below. 🙂


  1. Contents

Each item included in every Beauty box is in full size. Althea doesn’t throw in samples or small sizes for those items. That’s how daebak Althea Korea is!

Also, there are items which are only sold exclusively as a part of the special box. It’s a limited edition, girls, and we don’t know if those items will be available to all of us.


  1. Price

We can all agree that products can be very expensive especially when it is coming from a foreign country and when an item is from a popular brand. Once you purchase an Althea Beauty Box, you’ll get bigger discounts.

You see, Althea offers products which are sold already with discounts since Korean brands are directly supplying them. But, when you purchase the entire box, you’ll get even bigger discounts! You’ll get it at an affordable price like the items are on clearance sale! Still don’t believe me? Here’s the pricelist of each box!




My Verdict:

Is it worth the price? Are you kidding me? Of course, it is. Look at how big you can save rather than manually adding every item in your cart!

Which box do I want to buy? The pore care box! If you’ve read a few posts in my blog, you’ll know how oily and acne-prone my skin is. And surely, this special Althea box is the answer to my greasy and bumpy problems. But then, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get one as Althea isn’t sure if it will be restocked anytime soon.

Do I want to have one? Oh, yes, I do! I want one, really bad! Althea’s boxes are the bomb! And we (the unfortunate ones who weren’t able to snag a box into our bags) really envy those lucky Altheans who got one. Huhu.

Will I purchase if I had the chance? Absolutely! I’ll definitely buy one for myself when I see a box that I like that isn’t sold out yet.

My suggestion: It would be nice if Althea adds a little bit more to their stocks for each box. There are a lot of customers here in Asia so a lot of us only have a tiny chance of getting one for ourselves.


So, girls, if you have fast fingers and a little bit of savings, you might want to get one Althea box for yourself. Not only that you’ll be able to use each one accordingly to pamper yourself or to make yourself more beautiful, but this is also super affordable. You shouldn’t miss it for the world!

Are you convinced already? Choose one from their box collection now! Don’t forget to use my Althea link to get P200 discount and P150 rebates for your next purchase! Double savings, right?

Tell me when you get one, alright?


Thank you for reading! Stay tuned for my next blog post! 🙂




5 thoughts on “Althea Beauty Box: Is it Worth Buying?

  1. Hello! I just placed an order on Althea’s Anti-Pollution box earlier. I’m quite surprised that it’s not out of stock yet because as you’ve said, they sell out like crazy! Haha. I also want the pore care box, I’m really hoping that they’d restock soon. Huhu

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi! Yes, I saw that as well. Fortunately, Anti-Pollution is a new one and I think that’s probably the reason why it isn’t out of stock yet. But you are one lucky gal! I never got the chance to snag one on my bag. I hope so too. 😦

      Thank you for dropping by! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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