Review: Holika Holika Golden Monkey Glamour Lip 3-Step Kit



Annyeong haseyo! How are you guys doing? School has started again and I’m back to being busy with studies, but still, nothing can stop me from watching k-dramas! Ha! I’m almost done watching Moonlight Drawn By Clouds together with other on-going k-dramas, and will definitely tell you what I think about it next week perhaps.

Anyway, this post is about the Holika Holika Golden Monkey Glamour Lip 3-Step Kit. This is still a part of my first Althea haul, and I really wanted to share my experience from using each item in my box. By the way, I just placed my second order from Althea last Friday, so I’ll be having something again to make reviews about. Yay! Plus, my books from Amazon are also coming so you better stay tuned. Hehe.


Back to the story, I saw this at Althea Korea and priced at P100.00. I purchased this lip kit because I am one of those girls with dry and chapped lips. Lip balms don’t really work for me and my lifeless lips so I am looking for something which will make my lips improve. This lip kit caught my attention because it had a lot of reviews and was one of the best-sellers.



This is the actual picture of my purchase. I only bought two since I just wanted to give it a try at first and I don’t want to feel forced by finishing this just in case I didn’t liked it. Hehe!


I’m not really sure why it was called Golden. Well, I did look for gold somewhere but I didn’t see anything.


As usual, the back had information which was in Korean but it also had short English directions at the bottom. Plus, there are also illustrations so anyone can use it the right way.



The first step in this kit is exfoliating. You will use the soft cloth inside to scrub all the dead skin in your lips. Sadly, mine wasn’t able to eliminate any. I’m pretty sure I was doing it properly though. 😦


Second, is to put the hydrogel lip mask on. Surprisingly, it didn’t fall off the whole time it was sitting in my lips! But, I accidentally got it wet so it slipped. 😦 My bad.


Third one is to use the honey moisturizer. It smells and tastes like honey, but it were too much. I’m not so sure if you should save it and use a small amount each day. I just couldn’t leave it on my cabinet because I’m pretty sure the ants would smell it. So I ended up using the whole thing.




Packaging: It is really appealing and I loved how easy it was to use! 5/5

Lip Treatment Effect: Maybe? But it didn’t last long. 3/5

Is it worth the price? Maybe. It didn’t work out for me but maybe it did for others. But then again, the contents of the lip kits were good enough. 4/5

Will I repurchase? Probably. I’ll be trying something else too.


So, that’s it for my review. I was pretty excited to try this out but maybe I had my hopes up too much. I purchased another lip treatment masks in my second Althea haul. I’ll let you know my thoughts about it soon.


Thanks for reading!



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