Review: Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder

picsart_1482148752464Hi, guys! Happy holidays! I hope you enjoyed the joyful season. For my first post this 2017, I’ll be starting off with a beauty product review.

In my first Althea Haul, I’ve mentioned that I’ll be posting my reviews about the products that I got soon, right? And this is one of those reviews, yay! Today, I will be giving you my feedback about the Innisfree Mineral Powder.


This product is the most common K-beauty item I see in bloggers’ hauls, which made me wonder why. Also, if you are an avid Althean (customer of Althea Korea), you surely know that this powder is one of the best sellers of the site. It is sold at P 260.00 which is cheap enough, but is it really worth buying considering its size? Let’s see.



I’ve been eyeing this powder since the first time I visited the Althea Korea so when I was able to place my very first order from them, this one was the first one to go on the cart. According to other reviews, this is really effective for those with oily skin. Now, I’m pretty sure I’ve told you guys before that my face can be compared to a frying pan. It’s greasy, even though I wipe my face with a handkerchief every time, still no use. So those reviews were enough to help me decide in purchasing this item. You can say that I’m really, really desperate to get those oil away from my face. I hate the sticky and greasy feeling because it makes me feel haggard.


Here’s the actual photo of the Innisfree Powder. You see, it comes in a light green container. The front has English description, while the back is in hangul. This one also comes in a compact, but with a higher price as well. Since I just wanted to try this out first, I decided to grab the cheaper one.


Once you twist it, you will see the cushion puff which is so soft, and underneath it is an Innisfree sticker which I suppose was purposely put in there to prevent the powder from spilling. Great idea!


I used this after my morning routine, which is Cleansing – Serum – Moisturizer. I’m a noob when it comes to skincare so I don’t really have that much on my routine as of the moment. What I do is, I shake the container first so the powder goes up to the puff before I apply it on my face. Then I’m good to go.


To my surprise, this powder actually works! I mean, I didn’t really have my hopes up since this is just a powder but holy freaking cow! It is indeed effective! I applied it before I went out of the house, with the expectation of a retouch after one or two hours. But I didn’t! My face was just calm and smooth and there were no traces of oil in my face!


Usually, I do my retouch after one hour. It becomes two when I’m in a well-ventilated area. But this powder made me do my retouch after five freaking hours! Honestly, it still wasn’t oily but I just felt like doing a retouch. Hehe! Seriously, this is unbelievable.


Now I understand why this is a best-seller! This will be a holy grail from now on! Also, I’ll be checking out Innisfree’s other products as well. Maybe their products will work out for me.



Packaging: I love its packaging! It’s very neat! 5/5

Powder Texture: It’s very fine and smells good as well! 5/5

No-Sebum Effect: Giving perfect score for this one because it did a great job! 5/5

Is it worth the price? YAS! Even though this is small, I love that it is really effective so I don’t really care about the price tag as long as it works for my stubborn face. 5/5




So that’s it for my Innisfree review. Did any of you also bought this item? What do you think of it? Thanks for reading, and please tune in to my next review!


From the girl who was never too brave,



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