KBEAUTY: Althea Korea December Haul


Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored post. I bought these items using my own moolah.



Every person whom I am close with, surely knows how hooked I am in everything related to Korean. Dramas, travel blogs, foods, clothes and skincare products!

In my previous post, I’ve mentioned that I will be sharing my Althea haul. And just like what I promised, here is my detailed Althea Korea haul! Yay! This is actually my Christmas gift to myself because I thought of giving myself a reward for doing a job well done at work. Hehe. Honestly, I was supposed to order by the first of December but since one of the items in my cart suddenly went out of stock, I had to wait for a day. But it was absolutely fine.


After being convinced about Althea Korea‘s legitimacy and good service, I was finally able to place my very first order last December 2, which was a Friday. I was able to pay on the same day through Dragonpay via Bank Transfer. Everything was smooth and hassle-free. I did the transferring of funds with a messy hair while lying on my bed. *giggles*



But then, I noticed that I didn’t specifically indicate my address so I immediately reached out to customer service to tell them about my concern. Althea’s representative responded after about half an hour, which was fast enough, and then I gave them the new address before I also changed my shipping address in my Althea account. I was glad that they immediately responded to my concern; it gave me more confidence to continue shopping at Althea.



Since it was Friday, processing took two more days. I believe because it was weekend, and according to the email–it usually takes 2-5 days of processing before it gets shipped. I had no issue with it at all since they advised me clearly. After my shipment was completed, Althea sent me an email with regards to my package, which includes the courier’s tracking site and the tracking number.



For Althea’s Customer Service: ♥♥♥♥♥

I’ll be giving them a rating of 5/5, as I am satisfied and truly happy about their willingness to help their customers with regards to their shopping experience. Plus, Althea SNS Pixies are very helpful as well! They know very well how to communicate with their audience!



Back to the story Ecargo picked up my package from Althea on the 6th of December, and was shipped by the next day. According to the site, my shipment was already on board as of December 7 so I assumed that I might receive it after a few days. As I’ve read on different blogs, it only takes a week before the box gets delivered to them so I was a bit expecting that I will also have the same experience. Actually, I ordered from their site early December on purpose. I know the holidays are coming so I was hoping to avoid the delay that the season might cause, but my effort didn’t really pay off.



My package arrived in the Philippines last December 14, which gives me the idea that it took seven days for my Althea box to actually arrive to my country. I thought my package was swimming from Korea to Philippines! Lol, but seriously that’s too long. I know, I am not really the type of person who is patient. Anyway, Althea Korea issued an advisory about the shipping delay. They said that since the holiday is coming, volume of shipments did increased, which is totally understandable. Lots of people across the globe are sending something to their families or friends as gifts, because it’s the most wonderful time of the year!



So, yeah. My package was handed over to RAF. I used the same tracking number which was provided by Ecargo. RAF has a good customer service, at least. They did respond to my emails as soon as possible and they were very helpful, too. But since my address is beyond their delivery area, my shipment got transferred again to another courier–which was LBC. RAF was fast enough to transfer my package as soon as they received it. According to RAF, they forwarded my package to LBC last December 14 (A few hours after the package was transferred in their care.) Although I immediately asked for a new tracking number, I was only provided one after I received the box so it was a bit disappointing. I won’t be giving a rate to the shipping part instead.



I was able to get a hold of my very own beauty box last December 16 by noon. Omg! It was actually my first Althea beauty box so I was really stoked to do the unboxing and sniff each product and stare at it the whole day! (Honestly, I did sniff it a bit. Lie!)



I received it with the LBC packaging outside, but inside was the pink plastic bag which made me happier! Pink is one of my favorite colors! It had the logo of Althea in the side, while it had a description of the contents in front and back which was provided by Ecargo.


After carefully opening the pink cover, I was greeted by a nice bubble wrap! Okay, bubble wrap was one of the reasons why I bought something at Althea. Haha!



Tadaaaaa! Here’s my pastel blue box! I believe this is the smallest box since the medium and large comes in navy blue. I was so happy because I received a limited edition box! Although I was also anticipating the pink one, this blue box is also a wonderful one. Good thing I didn’t miss it! There’s still a lot of time to avail the normal pink boxes.




Look at these designs! Oh, Althea is really creative. I’m glad they gave attention to their packaging as well. I’m so looking forward to their next limited edition boxes, omg!



For Althea’s Box: ♥♥♥♥♥

I love how wonderful their boxes are. Aside from the fact that it is reusable, it also has a creative design which makes it hard for someone to throw away the box. This box will probably stay in my room for years! LOL!


When I opened my box, these wonderful cards greeted me! And there was a surprise discount! Yay! I told you, Althea is really generous!



And now, this is all you’ve been waiting for. The unboxing! Here’s the picture of my first ever Althea haul! I’m telling you, there are a lot of items to choose from! It was hard for me to pick, but I had to choose the cheaper ones because my budget is limited. Hehe!


Here’s the list of items I got from Althea:

  1. Elizavecca Pore Solution Elastic Mask Pack.
  2. Holika Holika Golden Monkey Glamour Lip 3-Step Kit
  3. It’s Skin Power 10 Formula VB Effector
  4. Piolang CP-1 Raspberry Treatment Vinegar
  5. Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder
  6. Skinfood Eyebrow Powder (Free giveaway!) I was able to get this one for free since it was offered on their site. It smells like chocolate!
  7. Tony Moly Panda Eye Patch



Final Verdict:

Overall rating for Althea: ♥♥♥♥♥

Will I order from Althea again? YAS. ABSOLUTELY. No questions asked.



Tips for ordering from Althea:

  1. Follow their Instagram and Facebook account! They do a lot of giveaways, and you should join every single one because you’ll surely win in one of them! (I won Althea credits worth 300php before I ordered so I was able to save a little bit more. Yipee!
  2. Always check their blog. This is also a must! This is where they post contests, news, Althea box features and more!


I’ll be posting a review for each item soon after the results have come, except for the eyebrow powder. Hehe. Tune in for my reviews! Kamsahamnida!



From the girl who was never too brave,



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