Dear Santa Althea,

Dear Santa Althea,

How many days left do we have before Christmas? Time flies real fast, don’t you think? It wasn’t even that long since we started the one hundred days countdown.

For many of us, Christmas means we get a long break from all of the stressful things in our lives. Work, school, and life in general. But for Althea Korea, Christmas means making someone happy! That’s why they encouraged a lot of bloggers to post their wish lists, because they will pick lucky Altheans and grant their wishes! Santa Althea is so generous when it comes to giveaways. They have a lot of surprise giveaways and contests every month so it’s a delight that they will also grant wishes this Christmas! Yay for Althea!

Since there’s no harm in trying and I’m feeling hopeful, I’ll be joining and sharing my wish list to you! Enjoy reading! 🙂

I can’t remember the last time someone asked me what my wish is for Christmas. I don’t know, but I think people don’t want to listen to everyone’s Christmas wishes anymore, which is sad. That’s why when Santa Althea suddenly asked us about our Christmas wish, my heart actually melt. It feels good when someone actually wants to listen to everything you say, it makes us feel loved. To start my wish list, here’s a poem I made for Santa Althea. I’m not good with poetry but I hope you like it. *giggles*

Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

Santa Althea is coming to town,

Let’s all celebrate, yahoo!

It’s only been months since I’ve known you,

But I believe Santa Althea won’t let me down, that’s true.

Santa Althea, please grant my wish,

Help me with my problems with acne and blemish,

This Christmas I’m a bit lonely,

Maybe because of my face that’s really oily.

Santa Althea, you have my heart,

Of my life, you will always be a part.

Haha! I told you, I’m not good with poems. Anyway, here’s my Christmas wish list! Note that these items are not all for me. Some of them are meant to be shared the most important persons in my life, because that‘s what Christmas is all about, right? Sharing. 🙂

1. Nature Republic’s Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel

This one is not actually for me—but for my Dad. He’s always working outdoors that’s why he often has sun burns because of long exposure to the sun. I wanted to give him something that will help soothe and moisturize his skin, which I believe will help him feel good about himself. I also believe that he deserves a little bit of pampering for working hard for our family every single day. Every father does.

2. Piolang Raspberry Hair Vinegar & CFC Lab Argan Glow Hair Oil

Now this second one is for my Mom because I know how much she wanted to fix her hair. She had a lot of hair treatments before but her hair just became more dull and frizzy. She doesn’t have time for hair treatments because she barely gets a day off so I wanted to help her regain confidence by giving her a wonderful crowning glory.

3. The Saem Chocopie Hand cream

My younger sister has a rough pair of hands, and I wouldn’t want to let her grow up without doing something about it. You see, soft and good-smelling hands are the dream of many women out there and I want her to have it as she grew up. Also, she loves anything chocolate that’s why I know she would love this!

4. Laneige Water Sleeping Mask, Laneige Skin Refiner & Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask

And now, for myself! Hehe. I have a tired-looking face and dry & chapped lips. I failed to educated myself about skincare at an early age that’s why I was left out in many things. Being a freelance writer, while keeping up at my studies in the university is not an easy thing. I barely get the chance to do go out with friends or get a treatment to pamper myself. I’ve been eyeing these Laneige goodies for quite some time but I just couldn’t put it in my cart because it’s a bit out of the budget. I can’t spend too much because I’m saving for a trip to Korea.

5.  Innisfree Super Volcanic 6 in 1 Pore Clay Mask

This product is one of the apples of me and my Mom’s eyes! From what I’ve read in various blogs, it can control sebum, exfoliate, brighten and deep cleanse face—and these are exactly what my face needed. I’m honestly tired of my oily face which makes me think that I can already fry eggs on my face the moment I step out in the sun. Good thing my face is not as black like our frying pan! Lol!


That’s the end of my wish list for Christmas. Although I am sure Santa Althea will be receiving lots of wishes this year, but I still choose to be hopeful about it. Thank you for this wonderful chance, Santa Althea!


If you also want to join this awesome event, please read their blogpost. Tune in to their Facebook page for more updates!


Thanks for reading!
From the girl who was never too brave,


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